Adam Szarmack 101.

I once lived in Texas.
I now live in Florida.
I have a silent letter "S" in my last name.
I wish silent letters were never invented.
I believe Jesus paid a debt I couldn't pay.
I am thankful for Romans 8:1.
I love the people of Panama & Jamaica.
I love listening to my daughters sing.
I want you to read about The DEMP Project.
I used to skateboard but then this happened.
I think Suzanne Corneliussen is awesome.
I once had a VCR that could play backwards.
I once watched all 3 Star Wars backwards.
I could watch Mythbusters for hours.
I have watched Mythbusters for hours.
I like it when Brian Regan talks.
I also like it when Joby Martin talks.
I eats me spinach.
I love ninjas.
I love lamp.