Don't Stop Believin’ - Journey!

This week I filmed a corporate conference in Orlando for Interline Brands. At the end of the conference they surprised the attendees with a very special private concert from Journey!

I am not going to pretend I am some die hard Journey fan but, like most people--I've heard the hit songs plenty of times and enjoy them. Who doesn't get pumped when they hear the words "Just a small town girl" come over the speakers.

Something I didn't know was that the new lead singer for Journey is a guy named Arnel Pineda. When he came onto the stage I actually thought it was just a cover band. But then the rest of the guys followed and that's when you knew it was the real thing. Arnel surprising sounds almost exactly like the original singer too. In fact, in person I couldn't even tell a difference!

Here are some pics from the show. Enjoy!