Dustin + Lacy | Adam Szarmack Alpine Groves Engagement Photographer

The day I met with Lacy and Dustin to discuss possibly being their wedding photographer we hit it off right away. Lacy was a bridesmaid in another wedding I shot last year. And Dustin and I both share a love for Star Wars.

For their engagement shoot, we took a trip down to Alpine Groves Park in Switzerland. (Yes, Florida has a town called Switzerland.) A nice overcast and breeze set the conditions for some really nice pictures! Checkout a few below.

Also, after the session was over I stayed for a while hoping the rain clouds would hold off just long enough to grab one of those crazy Florida summer sunset shots. Just minutes before getting kicked out of the park, God lined one up for me that turned out to be totally worth the wait. So be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see it.