Have You Ever Had Your Life Changed?

Honest question. Have you ever had your life changed before? I don't just mean like, you recently discovered how much you love Starbucks or your favorite team won the big game. Those things will eventually fade away. I'm talking about 'the entire world suddenly seems different and you can't go back to how it used to be' kind of change. I have. And when something changes you that much, it's kind of hard to keep it bottled up. (Acts 4:20)

God, through The Church of Eleven22, is changing my life.

If phrases like the one below intrigue you, hit me up. I'd love to tell you more about why any sane person would think something like this let alone post about it on the internet. Yeah it seems weird from the outside. I get it. Hey I'm just a normal dude like anyone else. In fact, the 12 disciples were all just a bunch of scrappy roughed up fisherman. In other words, God chose the original cast of Deadliest Catch to be the founders of Christianity. How cool is that??

Anyway I'm starting to ramble on again more than I planned to. If you want to checkout a church that is changing people's lives by the thousands here in Jacksonville, let me know. Forget about weird stuff like the Pope or the guys who stand on street corners with big signs that say REPENT in all caps. There's something better....

Come and see.

My brother and his wife singing the praise at Eleven22. Photo by me.

My brother and his wife singing the praise at Eleven22. Photo by me.