Austin + Grace | Riverside Engagement Photographer

I'm starting to feel a little old. I've known Grace since she was just shy of her toddler years. Her two older brothers and I grew up doing all kinds of dumb stuff together. (If you're following along with me on here, one of those brothers is the one who just saved Sunny Clementine out of a hopeless situation a couple months ago. Checkout the story after viewing this!)

Grace is a sweetheart and a total free spirit. I was just meeting Austin for the first time when we did this shoot but right away I could tell he was a good match for her. He was making her giggle and laugh during the whole session. Throughout the shoot I also started to learn more about the tremendous heart he has for God which goes perfectly with the passion Grace has for spreading the love of and compassion of Jesus.

Congratulations to these two. And keep an eye out down the road for their wedding pictures when they tie the knot!