The Faces of Panama

Where to even start with this one...

It really is not going to be possible for me to fully describe to you what this trip meant to me and the 37 new close friends I made in Panama last week. The only phrase I can think of right now is, the unexplainable undoubtedly bumped into the undeniable. People's lives where changed. Including my own.

Mission trips are not easy. You have to put yourself in a position to be vulnerable and uncomfortable. Sometimes to extreme levels. There really is no way around it. But for those who really dig deep and find that place of true surrender, the payoff is pretty remarkable. I watched people on my team find that place in Panama last week. Some even to the point of sobbing with tears. And they were some of the most beautiful moments I have ever seen in my life. I'll say it again, people's lives were changed!

To everyone who shared in this incredible journey with me, I whole heartedly love and respect each and everyone one of you. Thank you for these new memories that I will cherish forever. And thank you for touching my heart the way that you did with your passion and courage. And for those who supported me both financially and through donating supplies, I want to say from the bottom of my heart I can't thank you enough.

This trip had a little bit of everything from feeding the poor to construction projects and even a music school for the kids. Some of the photos are fun and laid back but some are pretty intense. Hopefully they serve as a friendly reminder for you as they have for me to always stay thankful. Just a couple of days ago I was standing under a home that was literally a big tent made out of bamboo shoved into the mud with a plastic tarp for a roof. It was not much bigger than my living room and FIVE different families lived under it! Sure makes me feel silly for ever complaining about my own house.

Ok so, come along with me for a glimpse into The Church of Eleven22, Panama 2016. If anything tugs on your heart give me a buzz and let's talk more about some of the things that happened on this trip. Gloria de Dios!