Come To Jamaica With Me!

If you've been following along with me on here then you've probably seen my blog post about my mission trip this past summer to Panama with Eleven22. The trip was absolutely life-altering for me, my fellow team members and many of the locals in Panama. I could tell stories for days about the incredible things I experienced while on that trip and what it's done for my life since. It was hard, exhausting, sometimes terrifying and some of the MOST FUN I have ever had my life. To catch a glimpse of it, you can see my pictures from the trip by clicking here: The Faces of Panama.

After I got back I was approached by the Eleven22 leadership and asked if I would be willing to lead a future trip and I accepted the invite. The trip that they have asked me to lead is in August of this year and it will be to Jamaica. I am really excited about it (a little nervous too) but I know that God has big plans for me and whoever my future team will be. So this is my personal invitation to YOU, whoever you are that is reading this right now, I want YOU to go with me. And if you think I'm talking to someone else right now, I'm not. I am talking to you. Yes YOU! ;)

You can stay back, spend another summer trying to work on your tan that you’re just going to lose by September anyway, posting the perfect angled selfie to Instagram so everyone on social media will think your life looks more awesome than it really is. You could just play it safe and take the easy road. can do something hard. Something amazing, something that will change YOU forever AND will change the ETERNAL TRAJECTORY of someone right now who is sleeping on a mud floor in a third world country who you don’t even know exists yet. Just ask me or any of the 36 other people I went to Panama with. It's worth it.

In fact, one of my team members was a guy named Chad. If you're a big fan of a little TV show called The Amazing Race then you may have seen him on there as a past contestant. And when I asked him to compare the two experiences, this is what he said...

"Racing around the world for a million dollars was an unimaginable experience, but going out into the world On Mission for God's kingdom provides riches and joy that no amount of money or luxury can compare."

It just takes that first step of faith. 

To learn more about my trip or the other trips offered come to any of the three Eleven22 locations Monday night Feb 6th at 6:30pm for an info gathering. I will personally be speaking at the Mandarin campus and would love to meet you but the other two campuses have amazing speakers as well. Pick whichever one that works best for you!

Come with me.

*UPDATE, there is a second Info Night being held on Monday April 3rd. Please contact me for more info if you'd like to check it out. I will be speaking again and would love to meet you. So come on out!

*Update again - Eleven22 sermon from April 9th. GO ON A MISSION TRIP!