Eran + Cait - Walter Jones Historical Park Engagement

I first met with Cait and Eran at the Town Center Panera back in January to talk about possibly hiring me for their wedding. Annnnd......I was more than 20 minutes late to that meeting! Yeah, I'll admit, I messed up. Not the best first impression I could have made but, they were both very gracious and luckily for my sake, they still hired me!

I promise I am not just saying this to sound nice, but Cait and Eran's engagement session was one of the most fun I've ever shot. During each photo I attempted to get, Cait lasted an average of about 0.5 seconds before she burst out laughing. So just imagine that as you're scrolling through. But I love sessions like that because it keeps it from feeling like work.

They are an awesome couple and their White Room St. Augustine wedding is coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled for photos of that!