Billy + Catie | Atlantic Beach Engagement Photographer

Catie and Billy found me on the Glass Factory website and I am VERY glad they did because when we got finished with their shoot this past week, I walked away with an engagement photo that easily skyrocketed to the very top of my all time favorite list. Hint, it was the thumbnail of this post but in case you somehow miss it, scroll down and it's the one that should make you stop and say "wow." Ok so enough boasting about myself and the cool photo I took. Because if it weren't for these two awesome people who braved the storms of that day and still went out for their engagement session, we'd never have that photo anyway.

Catie and Billy are an amazing couple who are crazy about each other and like to laugh and just be themselves in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun starting at their 2nd story beach house and then found our way down a very cool and rugged painted dock that is sort of a secret spot in Atlantic beach that I am not going to share here so the other beach photographers can't steal it.

Check back for their Glass Factory wedding early 2018!!