He Hangs the Earth on Nothing

Rare conditions in north Florida last night that setup for an epic star trail photography adventure with my friend Spencer. First, no clouds...which never happens in Florida. Second, a waxing crescent moon phase for minimal light. Third, the North Star (aka Polaris) located on the opposite side of the sky from the moon. The stars literally aligned for this one. Out until 1:30 in the morning and well worth the lack of sleep!

Psalm 19:1

The very first thing that got me started in photography was taking pictures of the sky. To this day it is still my favorite way to use my camera. For me nothing beats a good sunset photo. It is especially rewarding because you never know when you're going to get a good sky let alone have your camera and tripod nearby. The pretty colors usually only last for a few minutes too. Luckily for me, God has lined up several beautiful skies over the years. Checkout a small slideshow of some of my favorites.