You Love Me Through and Through (VIDEO)

In all honesty, this isn't a post I am necessarily eager to share. Everyone is their own worst critic and I don't even like hearing my self sing let alone watching myself sing. But in this last couple years I have been working towards pushing my musical talents further which is something I regrettably neglected for a while. I'm still finding my voice a little bit but slowly and surely I've been gaining some more range and control over it. It's nothing earth shattering compared to some singers out there, but it's mine and it's a talent God has given me and so I want to grow that gift and use it for His glory.

This is a very simple song written by Will Reagan and his band United Pursuit. Only 4 chords and basically two verses. But there is tremendous meaning behind these words that can touch your heart if you've got ears to hear.

The message? God loves you exactly AS you are and exactly WHERE you are. He loves us through all of our junk. Just like any good dad who loves his kids unconditionally. Don't ever let your past mistakes make you feel excluded from God's love. He knows about them and He knows the ones you'll make again in the future, and He loves you anyway. Through and through.

My hope is this blesses you.

Adopting His Son's Murderer

If your very own child was taken from you in the act of cold blooded murder, would you ever be able to forgive the killer? And not only forgive them, but later adopt them as your own child?

Ike Brown did.

The phrase "Unconditional Love" has never been more real to me then it was after watching this incredible story at an Eleven22 service a couple weeks ago. Take 15 minutes and watch this unthinkable act of forgiveness and mercy. 

Produced by Eleven22 Creative.

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The Riches of His Grace: Ike Brown’s Story