Steven + Brandie | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

The day I first met with Steven and Brandie I knew right away that they were a special couple. Sometimes these days weddings can feel more like a show or an event. Emphasis is put on spending extra money to get the perfect location or top notch decorations to impress the guests. What unfortunately can sometimes get lost in all of that is what really matters—the couple. I've been photographing weddings for many years now and it's often times the weddings that are held in smaller, intimate settings with close family nearby that end up being my favorite. And most importantly, God being first. Steven and Brandie's wedding was no exception.

Congrats you two and have an awesome and blessed marriage and thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Kyle + Amy | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

After giving me the opportunity to take my all time favorite engagement photo that I've ever done...(seriously, look at this picture)...I was really excited to get back together with Kyle and Amy for their wedding. The ceremony was held at their family's church near downtown Jacksonville followed by a very beautiful and fall decorated reception at the Garden Club. These two are crazy about each other and their wedding was a blast!

Congrats to Kyle and Amy and thank you so much for having me be a part of your big day!

Kal + Kym | Adam Szarmack Atlantic Beach Wedding Photographer

This wedding was near and dear to my heart because it was the wedding of one Miss Kymberly Wolfson or "Kymbo" as I more affectionately refer to her as. For a very long time Kymberly has been one of the closest people in my life so it was a very big deal for me to be a part of her wedding.

I met Kymberly about 12 years ago at one of my first corporate jobs at a small tech company called Recruitmax. Kymberly had been hired there a few months after I started. At the time I was doing customer support for one of the company's software products called Prohire. I remember her introducing herself to me and when I introduced myself back I told her (jokingly) that I was the "President of Prohire". Ironically about a year later Kymberly became the product manager for Prohire...thus becoming MY manager. That was the beginning of what became a very long journey for the two of us. A journey that had two consistent themes throughout. One—a very close friendship that the only thing keeping it from being a true brother/sister relationship is the fact we came from different moms and dads. And number two—Kymberly being the boss of me! Yes, we ended up working at two more companies together after Recruitmax and at all 3 companies, she continued to be my manager! About two years ago we ended up going different job routes but we were practically joined at the hip for almost a decade and have continued to stay close ever since.

I have only had the opportunity to meet Kal once before their wedding because he lives in London along with all of his crazy groomsmen (which you are about to see) but I can say for certain that it does not take long for anyone to see the tremendous character he has and the genuine love he holds for Kymberly. I've seen every kind of groom there is but at their reception when Kal gave an 18 minute speech about Kymberly it was one of the most heartfelt, thoughtful and sincere things I've ever heard at a wedding. I think I can speak for everyone there when I say that it could have lasted 88 minutes and no one would have wanted it to end. It was just awesome. Well done Kal!

Anyway I always write too much so if you read all of this I appreciate it. I'll let you move on to viewing the photos now.

Congrats to Kal and Kymberly on what was hands down the MOST FUN wedding I have EVER been to!! We love you and wish you guys the absolute best!

Eleven22 - Greater Than

For those who have been following along with me on here, you may have seen some of my past blog posts talking about Eleven22 . Maybe you've seen the logo on bumpers and car windows and thought it was the name of a band. (So did I the first time I saw it.) And although Eleven22 does have an awesome band, Eleven22 is actually a church. In just a few years, it has rapidly become one of the fastest growing churches in Jacksonville if not thee fastest. (Did I just use the word "thee"?) 

Anyway, I have said this before and I'll say it again. This isn't just any church. There is something different about it and that's the reason why every Sunday morning if you drive anywhere near Beach Blvd and San Pablo Road you see the ENTIRE parking lot completely full starting from Hobby Lobby going all the way back to the old Winn Dixie. (Which is now Hope's Closet.)

So just what the heck is so alluring about the place that has caused so many people to walk through the doors and keep coming back for more? People aren't supposed to just WANT to go to church right? Isn't church just place where people get told they can't have any fun in life and if they do they'll just go to hell? Isn't church the place where people put on white robes and sing very strange sounding monotonous hymns to the tune of an oversized pipe organ? Aren't Christians just self righteous people who think they're better than everyone else???

Well, that's unfortunately the perception that some people have but the truth is, it's a very big misconception. Eleven22 is different. Radically different.

Also if you're worried about it being a trend thing, believe me there is no one out there who dislikes trends more than I do. But this isn't just a trend—it's a place that is changing lives.

I often tend to write too much and I think I might be starting to again so I will try to get to my main point here quickly. If you've heard about Eleven22 and are curious to see what all the hype is about, then I encourage you to try it out. It's a really big room and the lights are down low so you can just sit in the back and slip out when it's done without having to talk to anyone. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what you see and hear.

Ok so...I said I was going to get to the point of this post and here it is. Today's service was the conclusion of a 6 week series that Pastor Joby Martin preached on called Greater Than. This series really did some work in my heart over the last month and a half and gave me some incredible perspective to live my life by. If you're feeling up to it, you can watch the sermons online and get a taste of what this place is all about. At the end of today's sermon the pastor presented everyone with a challenge. Inside the notes handout was a pledge card. He asked that anyone who was willing to fill it out also be bold enough to take a picture of it and post it online. If you've got any Eleven22 friends on Facebook you might have seen this already but here is mine.

If you're not a Christian, then some of these words are going to sound VERY weird. Hey I've been a Christian since I was 13 years old and a lot of the stuff in the bible still sounds strange to me too. But there is some stuff in there that would actually blow your mind. For example, did you know that the apostle Paul, probably the most famous of all the apostles and the person who wrote THIRTEEN books in the bible was a Christian terrorist before he became a Christian?? Yeah, the dude went around getting Christians murdered before becoming one himself. That should tell you right there that God is a God of love and forgiveness and not some harsh hateful judge that just wants to crack down on you with a whip or a bolt of lightning. :)

Okay I've written way more than I planned to. Again.

If you read all of this and want to chat with me more then hit up the contact page and drop me a line!

(Excuse the crinkle. It was raining when church ended and I had to carry my 2 year old across the parking lot.)

Eleven22 Band | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Commercial Photographer

If you're from Jacksonville, then you have probably seen the Eleven22 stickers all over everyone's car windows everywhere you go. And I mean EVERYWHERE. I count at least 10 of them a day on my way to and from work. So if you've seen them but don't really know what it's all about, it's actually the name of a church. And a pretty amazing church at that. The Church of Eleven22. In fact, it's where my family and I attend. (Also my friend and fellow photographer Lyndsay goes there.)

If you're someone who has always been on the fence about going to church, I really encourage you to check this one out. If you're nervous about it don't worry. It's really big so you can sort of just blend in and sit in the back without really talking to anyone. And I promise you it is not like any other church you've been to or heard of before.

The pastor Joby Martin is just your average guy. He likes hunting, fishing and college football. And he talks about it a lot. But he has also been given an amazing gift to teach the lessons written in the bible in a very easy to understand way. And his delivery is hilarious.

The other amazing thing about Eleven22 is the band. They are just plain awesome. When you walk in and they are cranking away you can just feel it! The worship leader, Ben Williams, is a good friend of mine. I have known him for 20 years. His passion is incredible and his voice is just awesome.

Checkout a video (not shot by me) from a special live recording worship album that they did. Then checkout some images from that night (shot be me) after you finish.