Ty & Mary | Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Engagement

So….this one was special. Here’s the story…

Neither Ty or Mary are from Jax but they’re getting married at Bowing Oaks in January. After they hired me to be their photographer, we had to wait until a good opportunity for them to be in town in order to do their engagement session. She is on a rescue team for SeaWorld and he was recently drafted by the St. Lous Cardinals. (That’s awesome.) It happened to work out that this past weekend was the best for their schedules. We decided on Washington Oaks because it has a great variety to get both tree canopy shots in the park with an epic rock covered beach right across the street. (Not something you see a lot of in Florida.) I’ve shot there a few times before and I’m ALWAYS fighting for position with other photographers, especially on the rock beach when the sun is setting. Well, not this time…

I don’t know how else to explain it other than, God smiled on these two and I happen to be the lucky one who got to capture it. Never in my 10+ years of doing this have I gotten an ending to an engagement shoot like this one. We walked out to the beach and over to the rocks at sunset and……..NO ONE was out. We had the whole thing to ourselves. On top of that, ZERO wind. ON THE BEACH! So I was able to put my light stand up WITH an umbrella attached to it and walk away and not worry at all that it would tip over. And then to top it all off the most AMAZING firey purple pink orange sunset I have EVER had AND it was right over our heads. Plus it was 70 degrees and no humidity, IN FLORIDA. That combo of conditions just does NOT happen EVER. Period. God smiled on these two.

Oh and I’d like to also point out, as we were wrapping the shoot I asked Ty how he proposed. His answer? Well it went something like this. “We were reading Romans 12 together and then I got down on one knee and asker her to marry me.” Folks, that’s what you call…The Man.

Billy + Catie | Atlantic Beach Engagement Photographer

Catie and Billy found me on the Glass Factory website and I am VERY glad they did because when we got finished with their shoot this past week, I walked away with an engagement photo that easily skyrocketed to the very top of my all time favorite list. Hint, it was the thumbnail of this post but in case you somehow miss it, scroll down and it's the one that should make you stop and say "wow." Ok so enough boasting about myself and the cool photo I took. Because if it weren't for these two awesome people who braved the storms of that day and still went out for their engagement session, we'd never have that photo anyway.

Catie and Billy are an amazing couple who are crazy about each other and like to laugh and just be themselves in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun starting at their 2nd story beach house and then found our way down a very cool and rugged painted dock that is sort of a secret spot in Atlantic beach that I am not going to share here so the other beach photographers can't steal it.

Check back for their Glass Factory wedding early 2018!!

Nick + Deborah | Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Engagement

Nick and Deborah are from the Tampa area but are getting married later this year at the TPC Clubhouse. They made the drive up and I made the drive down and we met for their engagement photos at Washing Oaks Gardens State Park. Take a look through some images from the shoot and check back later on for pictures from their wedding!

Eran + Cait - Walter Jones Historical Park Engagement

I first met with Cait and Eran at the Town Center Panera back in January to talk about possibly hiring me for their wedding. Annnnd......I was more than 20 minutes late to that meeting! Yeah, I'll admit, I messed up. Not the best first impression I could have made but, they were both very gracious and luckily for my sake, they still hired me!

I promise I am not just saying this to sound nice, but Cait and Eran's engagement session was one of the most fun I've ever shot. During each photo I attempted to get, Cait lasted an average of about 0.5 seconds before she burst out laughing. So just imagine that as you're scrolling through. But I love sessions like that because it keeps it from feeling like work.

They are an awesome couple and their White Room St. Augustine wedding is coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled for photos of that!

Mike + Alissa | Big Talbot Island Engagement Photographer

Mike, Alissa and myself all braved the cold windy weather last Saturday and made the trek up to Big Talbot Island for their engagement session. Every time you go to this place it's like an adventure but throw in gale force arctic wind chill and it's a whole new ball game! BUT, we still had a lot of fun and came back with some really cool shots. Mike and Alissa are an awesome couple who love Jesus and I am looking forward to shooting their wedding coming up soon!

Rami + Nadiah | Atlantic Beach Engagement Photographer

Checkout some shots from Rami and Nadiah's engagement shoot. I really enjoyed working with them. Nadiah laughed and giggled the whole time and it made for some really fun pictures. Made my job real easy!

Their Epping Forrest Yacht Club wedding is actually next weekend so keep an eye out for that to come soon!

Curt + Brynn Mary | St. Augustine Engagement Photographer

Busy weekend with back to back engagement shoots! I didn't know Curt and Brynn Mary before their session but we really hit it off right after we met and got to shooting. They were super easy to talk to and great in front of the camera. Their wedding is coming up in July so keep an eye out for that post in a couple months. Congrats guys!

Austin + Grace | Riverside Engagement Photographer

I'm starting to feel a little old. I've known Grace since she was just shy of her toddler years. Her two older brothers and I grew up doing all kinds of dumb stuff together. (If you're following along with me on here, one of those brothers is the one who just saved Sunny Clementine out of a hopeless situation a couple months ago. Checkout the story after viewing this!)

Grace is a sweetheart and a total free spirit. I was just meeting Austin for the first time when we did this shoot but right away I could tell he was a good match for her. He was making her giggle and laugh during the whole session. Throughout the shoot I also started to learn more about the tremendous heart he has for God which goes perfectly with the passion Grace has for spreading the love of and compassion of Jesus.

Congratulations to these two. And keep an eye out down the road for their wedding pictures when they tie the knot!

Kelly + Sarah | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Beach Engagement Photographer

Sarah was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot several years ago and she remembered me from then. Unfortunately I was booked on her wedding day but she still hired me to do an engagement shoot. Checkout some images from our stroll through Jacksonville's beaches.

Best of luck you two!