Once a Stripper now a Survivor


Late last summer I got a phone call from a friend of mine who works at Eleven22. He said there was a special group of women who were a start up non-profit and they were trying to find someone to help them out with a video to raise awareness for their cause. He asked if I'd be interested in helping out. Naturally I said "Sure, so what is their cause?" The response I received was something I was not prepared to hear at all.

The answer? They walk right into the Jacksonville strip clubs and tell the girls their true worth and value in the eyes of Jesus.

(I'll give you a moment to process that the same way I needed to when I first heard.)

Okay so let me just be real transparent for a moment. The first thing that crossed my mind after I heard that was oh crap that's too intense and I don't know if I want to help with that actually. I mean let's just be honest, who wants to talk about a subject like that? I didn't. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable. BUT the reality is the reason we don't like hearing about causes like this is because most people (myself included) just want to look away and pretend its not there. Oh strippers just choose that life for themselves or what's the big deal it's just harmless entertainment. The fact is, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Not long after that call I met with the girls at the St. Johns Town Center Panera and learned more about their individual stories and oh boy, they were INTENSE. Let's just say, anyone eating lunch there that day probably left telling their friends all about the group of people in the middle of the restaurant that just cried for over an hour. (And hey, I was one of the criers!) After I heard some of the absolutely horrid things that they had happen to them in the clubs and throughout the industry, I knew I had to help. It took us a while to get our schedules lined up but we were finally able to get together to film the testimony of the founder of the ministry. We then used her story for this PSA video.

Let me just say if you've got 6 minutes to spare then watching this video will be 6 minutes of your life well spent!

Please open up your heart and listen to this incredible story of survival and redemption. And if you wouldn't mind, share it with others to help get their message out. Facebook has enough Donald Trump rants, pictures of cats and grainy photos of people's lunches. Share something that actually matters and can help make a true difference! I dare you. :) Visit www.thedempproject.org to learn more.

Be Strong and Courageous in 2016

Amazing message by pastor Joby Martin from the Church of Eleven22. If there is a bold step that you have been holding back from taking and you need the right nudge to help you finally take that leap of faith, check this one out.

When he starts off by saying "I know that was heavy" he was referring to a video that had just played on the big screens showing a husband and wife who are members of the Church doing a testimonial in which they discussed how after she found out he was having an affair on her, she chose to forgive him anyway and stick together because she wanted to show the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Talk about being bold and courageous!

*Update - Week 3 was this past Sunday (1/24) and it was just awesome. Check it out!