Kal + Kym | Adam Szarmack Atlantic Beach Wedding Photographer

This wedding was near and dear to my heart because it was the wedding of one Miss Kymberly Wolfson or "Kymbo" as I more affectionately refer to her as. For a very long time Kymberly has been one of the closest people in my life so it was a very big deal for me to be a part of her wedding.

I met Kymberly about 12 years ago at one of my first corporate jobs at a small tech company called Recruitmax. Kymberly had been hired there a few months after I started. At the time I was doing customer support for one of the company's software products called Prohire. I remember her introducing herself to me and when I introduced myself back I told her (jokingly) that I was the "President of Prohire". Ironically about a year later Kymberly became the product manager for Prohire...thus becoming MY manager. That was the beginning of what became a very long journey for the two of us. A journey that had two consistent themes throughout. One—a very close friendship that the only thing keeping it from being a true brother/sister relationship is the fact we came from different moms and dads. And number two—Kymberly being the boss of me! Yes, we ended up working at two more companies together after Recruitmax and at all 3 companies, she continued to be my manager! About two years ago we ended up going different job routes but we were practically joined at the hip for almost a decade and have continued to stay close ever since.

I have only had the opportunity to meet Kal once before their wedding because he lives in London along with all of his crazy groomsmen (which you are about to see) but I can say for certain that it does not take long for anyone to see the tremendous character he has and the genuine love he holds for Kymberly. I've seen every kind of groom there is but at their reception when Kal gave an 18 minute speech about Kymberly it was one of the most heartfelt, thoughtful and sincere things I've ever heard at a wedding. I think I can speak for everyone there when I say that it could have lasted 88 minutes and no one would have wanted it to end. It was just awesome. Well done Kal!

Anyway I always write too much so if you read all of this I appreciate it. I'll let you move on to viewing the photos now.

Congrats to Kal and Kymberly on what was hands down the MOST FUN wedding I have EVER been to!! We love you and wish you guys the absolute best!