Shane & Shane Have Changed My Life

About 15 years ago I was on a mission trip to Peru when I was first introduced to the music of Shane Barnard and Shane Everette. I don't always have the best memory but I can specifically remember hearing one of their songs and instantly being hooked. The combo of guitar style and vocals they were doing at the time were not like anything else I had heard anyone else do before. In fact, fast forward to present day and it's still the same thing. There just isn't anyone who sounds like they do. In my opinion, they are EASILY two of the most talented vocalists in human history and, IF they wanted to, could have gone for fame and fortune in the secular music industry and made it big. They are that gifted. BUT, they instead choose to remain simple and humble. They don't dress in rockstar clothing or go out partying. Most of their concerts take place in smaller venues. And as enormously talented as they are, when you see them live you never once feel like they are performing for their own fame or self glory. And at every show they usually ask the audience to stay seated. Who does that??

Anyway if you think a lot of Christian music sounds weird,'re right. A lot of it does. BUT...I hope that you will give these guys a fair shot and listen to a few of these songs. And I also hope that their music will do as much for your life as it has for mine. I mean that whole heartedly.

- Adam

Pic I shot of them singing at  Eleven22  this past September.

Pic I shot of them singing at Eleven22 this past September.