Alex & Kristi Wedding (VIDEO)

Kristi and Alex had a beautiful oceanside wedding at the historic Casa Marina hotel in Jacksonville Beach. I had a great time working with them on what has turned out to be one of my favorite wedding trailers to date! Take a look back at their special day and join me in wishing these two a wonderful marriage together for years to come!

Lehmann Family | Jacksonville Family Photographer

I've known Ed for over 20 years now. He's been a major part of my life and one of the many reasons I am where I am today. It started when he was one of my youth group leaders at a small church in Ponte Vedra when I was only 13 years old. Not only did he help to instill good and God honoring values into my life as a youth, but since I was still too young to drive he would give me and my friend Ryan rides to the Mayport Poles to go surfing AND he always paid for the parking. (Don't think I've forgotten about that Ed!)

Fast forward a little bit and when I was 18 years old Ed took me on a mission trip to Peru. It was there that I met Melanie for the first time. She was the co-leader for that trip and went on to become Ed's wife afterwards. So that is part of how this whole thing you're about to see below got started. :)

So the Lehmann's will always be near and dear to me. When I got the call to do some family portraits for them I was very excited. They have two beautiful (and energetic!) kiddos who are growing up WAY too fast. But that's ok because they made the photo shoot very NOT boring.

Ed currently works at The Church of Eleven22 (and was the one who got me connected with The DEMP Project from this post) but will venturing out later this year to answer a tremendous call on his life to start a new church as Lead Pastor. It will still be here in Jacksonville and knowing Ed the way I do, and his passion for God, it's going to be awesome!

Austin + Grace | The Glass Factory Wedding Photographer

I don't typically blog a wedding the day after I shoot it but, this particular wedding is near and dear to me and so I'm a little more eager than usual. I have known Grace and her family for over 20 years now. If you've been following along with me on here then you have seen my recent post about her oldest brother, and one of my best friends, Jimbo Workman and his amazing story. Her other brother, Tyler Workman, gave up everything to go start an orphanage in Uganda with his wife Liv called The Okoa Refuge where my older brother adopted a young orphan named Kennedy from 5 years ago. And Grace's dad, "Lumpy" Workman, has probably fixed me and all my friend's broken down cars about 387 times since I was 16 years old and he never once asked for anything in return. So needless to say, these guys are all very important to me.

BUT.....this isn't about those boneheads. This day was all about the little princess of the family. Grace!

Grace is an absolute sweet heart. I remember back when I first met all of them and she was just a little girl trying to tag along with her two brothers. Fast forward to present day and she has blossomed into a beautiful woman. I still have to pinch myself just a little bit that she is all grown up and now married. Makes me feel old and I am only 33!

Grace and Austin did their engagement session in Riverside where they have a lot of sentimental memories together. Their wedding however was held at a relatively new venue here in Jacksonville called, The Glass Factory. This place is AMAZING. Easily my new favorite wedding venue in Jax. (I also just filmed a very cool short film project in this place which I will be able to share with you at a later day so stay tuned for that!)

Checkout some shots from their big day and join me and wishing them both the very best as these two have now become one through a God centered marriage.

Congrats you two!! - Adam

Sean + Kara | Casa Marina Wedding Photographer

Sean and I go way back to when I was about 20 years old where we met at my first ever corporate job. I was a wet behind the ears customer support rep and he was the experienced mush wiser flashy software salesmen who took me under his wing.

Although we had some years in between us he quickly became a really good friend of mine. Some of my favorite memories from my 20's involve one Sean Sheridan. Sautéed shrimp, deep sea fishing and lots of college football filled up most of our conversations. And most of the time, Sean was making me laugh a lot during those talks. I'm so glad that I got the chance all the years later to be a part of his wedding to his lovely wife Kara. Although haven't known her for as long, I can tell she is the perfect match for Sean. He lights up when he talks about her. 

They had a blast at their wedding at Casa Marina in Jax Beach. Checkout some images from their big day!

Kelly + Bump | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

So this maternity shoot has a little extra meaning for me. This is my sister-in-law and mommy to be Kelly. In just a few weeks from now she and her husband will be bringing a new little addition to our family--a baby boy! We are super excited for them and can't wait to meet the little guy!

Darren & Sarah | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Darren and Sarah had one of the more unique weddings I've ever been a part of. They opted to get married in downtown Jacksonville at the Museum of Contemporary Art also known as MOCA. It made for some really creative and fun looking backdrops and everyone there had a blast. Checkout some images from their big day. Thanks guys for having me and best of luck in your new lives together!

Steven + Brandie | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

The day I first met with Steven and Brandie I knew right away that they were a special couple. Sometimes these days weddings can feel more like a show or an event. Emphasis is put on spending extra money to get the perfect location or top notch decorations to impress the guests. What unfortunately can sometimes get lost in all of that is what really matters—the couple. I've been photographing weddings for many years now and it's often times the weddings that are held in smaller, intimate settings with close family nearby that end up being my favorite. And most importantly, God being first. Steven and Brandie's wedding was no exception.

Congrats you two and have an awesome and blessed marriage and thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Kelly + Sarah | Adam Szarmack Jacksonville Beach Engagement Photographer

Sarah was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot several years ago and she remembered me from then. Unfortunately I was booked on her wedding day but she still hired me to do an engagement shoot. Checkout some images from our stroll through Jacksonville's beaches.

Best of luck you two!